Tina S. Zhu

Tina Zhu is a writer of (mostly) speculative fiction based in California and is a member of Codex Writers' Group. She is a book reviewer for Strange Horizons, a Fiction Reader for Split Lip Magazine, and a First Reader for Flash Fiction Online. When she’s not hiding in the pages of a book, she can be found on Twitter at @tinaszhu.

Her newsletter/blog, with mostly reading updates and occasional writing ones, is http://thebookcave.substack.com.

July 7 - Lost Balloon (Forthcoming)

Dumpster Diving Triptych - The Fabulist (Forthcoming)

Four Self-Care Secrets for a Long and Happy Life - Lightspeed (Forthcoming)

A Rose for Jun - Frivolous Comma (Forthcoming)

Kabuki Masks - The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (Forthcoming)

Chinese School Cinderella - Pidgeonholes

Before she flew away, she was one of us in Chinese school.

The One Where Our Neighborhood Demon Twirled His Sign by the Red Light - Bullshit Lit

We spotted our neighborhood demon while driving to Santa Monica for our tenth high school reunion.

How I ________ Your Mother - The /temz/ Review

I was traveling through a dangerous ________ when I came across a ________ defended by an angry, treacherous ________.

Inbox (4783) - Twin Pies Literary

My past online selves keep sending me emails.

QED - X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

I know what everyone’s saying, but I was not scammed by a psychic.

Recipe - Fireside Magazine

Makes one reluctant vampire hunter.
- Reviewed by Aigner Loren Wilson in Tor Nightfire

The Long Way Home - Cossmass Infinities

Dearest Ying, I’m in San Francisco, on the exact block you live on—just a few decades too early.